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Colouring in time

Hands up if you own a colouring book. I have a mini one which is perfectly sized for my handbag and ideal when I’m travelling. I have always been a huge fan of colouring in, I used to love drawing when I was a kid and couldn’t get enough of art class at school.

Being creative doesn’t come naturally to some people but the beauty of colouring books is they encourage people who don’t think they are that creative to pick up a pencil or crayon and just start colouring. Don’t judge me but whenever I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by things I do some colouring in. It instantly starts to make me feel more relaxed (it works an absolute treat if you have a glass of wine too).

I love watching my niece draw and colour and get creative, colouring in shouldn’t just be left to kids though.

Coloring books are stress-relievers, they help reduce anxiety and encourage creativity. There are even colouring clubs, and pretty much every book store has a whole host of colouring books to suit your taste.

If you buy one thing this month I would highly recommend a colouring book. Here’s some cool ones to get you started.

Colouring in

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