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Nail your first day on the job

So Jose Mourinho is expected to sign his contract to be the next Manchester United manager – don’t worry this post isn’t about football, it’s about what you should and shouldn’t do on your first day at work.

High five to you for bagging that job, now you just need to concentrate on nailing your first day! Here’s my guide of what to do and what not to do.


Get a decent night’s sleep the night before. It’s important your first day isn’t filled with you trying to disguise yourself yawning.

Prepare a 30 second version of who you are and why you’re so bloomin’ fantastic. Loads of people will be asking who you are, where you were before, where you live, favourite colour, etc etc.

Arrive around 10 minutes early but don’t go inside until the time you’re told to turn up. Practice the commute too if you’re not familiar with it so that you’re not panicking on your first morning.

Enjoy it. Your first day is exciting and the start of a new challenge and chapter in your life.

Treat yourself to some new clothes, looking and feeling fantastic makes such a difference.



Turn into a recluse and not make an effort to speak to anyone or introduce yourself. Your first day is your time to impress. If your coworkers invite you to lunch, go. Show that you are ready to mingle, and let’s be honest that packed lunch didn’t look at appetising anyway.

Sit at your desk texting your mum/boyfriend/dog sitter/tinder date. Your mobile should be in your handbag, unless your new job requires you to be on your mobile.

Start slagging off your last employer. Gossiping isn’t cool and it will give everyone the wrong impression.

Begin telling your coworkers about the massive salary increase you’ve received. It’s never a good idea to discuss your salary with your team.

Sit there and wait to be told what to do. It’s vital you show you are energised and ready to crack on. Don’t be a lazy bones and just assume someone will give you a list of things to do.

And my final point…Practice how to make a decent cup of tea and coffee. No matter what level you are this is a vital skill.

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