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It’s the best job

It’s official (well technically it’s not but I just fancied saying it was) being an Aunty is the best job in the world. I’ve recently started a new job and although I’m loving it, my job as an Aunty totally overshadows it. If you’re a fellow Aunty, you’ll know what I’m saying when I say having a niece or nephew is totally awesome because…

  1. You get to buy them stuff you secretly want to play with yourself. A giant bubble maker wand which is nearly the size of my niece is a recent example
  2. You can take them for milkshake, cookies and ice cream and it’s sort of acceptable to consume all that sugar
  3. You get to offload them on their Mummy and Daddy when the sugar hit from the milkshake, cookies and ice cream starts to kick in
  4. You get the most amazing hugs and welcome, even when they’re super tiny and brand new
  5. You automatically gain a new friend from the minute they’re born
  6. You can chat to them about random stuff like what the weather is doing, what you had for breakfast and if you did a wee or a poo when you went to the loo
  7. You get to watch them grow up and develop their own uniquely brilliant personalities
  8. You realise that you love them more than you thought you ever might
  9. You’re suddenly totally cool with staying in to babysit them on a Saturday night and it actually feels really quite special
  10. You secretly hope they wake up super early to come for a snuggle in bed. Quickly followed by a lengthly conversation about the weather, why it’s not light and what you’re doing that day.

Being an Aunty is seriously the best job

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