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7 Christmas Decoration Ideas

Here is my simple guide to make decorating your home for Christmas a breeze.

1. Pick a colour theme

Gold, silver, red, green, white. All lovely colours but they can look too much when all combined together. Pick colours that complement each other and carry your chosen colour theme throughout your home. I love red and silver together. To keep costs down opt for a colour theme that already exists in your Christmas boxes. If you’re bored you can usually pick up very reasonably priced Christmas decorations from your local supermarket and M&S always have a 3 for 2 deal on. Another trick is to buy a few decorations that cost a little more than the rest (I’m only talking a few pounds more) as it will enhance your lower cost decorations.

2. Decorate with baubles…or lights

Baubles aren’t just for hanging on the tree, they look great stacked in glass vases, on the mantlepiece or in the hallway. Again stick with the colour theme you have set. If you’re not keen on baubles, battery powered lights add a touch of sparkle (this is my personal favourite)

3. Paper Pom Poms

This is a great idea to get kids involved in decorating the house and paper pom poms look really cool, they are perfect for a kids bedroom or in a playroom. There are several how to guides online, my favourite is here

4. Christmas scent

Candles are a must and there are loads of Christmas themed scents that will make your home smell as good as it looks, it also helps to make a room look super cosy and warm too. Three candles together always works well. Just remember not to leave candles unattended and keep them out of reach of children.

5. Get arty

Grab some pinecones and gold spray paint to create a really cool feature. Load the pinecones in a vase, on plates in the centre of the table or dot along the fireplace for an earthy feel.

6. Put your tree in a basket

Instead of the usual mental tree stand, pop your tree in a basket. You will still need to support the trunk inside the basket with a stand (or bucket if it’s real) but it will look much more attractive in a basket. Scatter pinecones around the base of the tree.

7. Remember your entrance 

If you live in an apartment skip this point. Make the front of your home look just as cosy as the inside with the addition of lights around the door, a red mat outside or a small christmas tree with lights. Small things like this will make a huge difference and won’t cost the earth either.



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