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Boho Summer

I’m hoping the heatwave we just had wasn’t it for the summer. My winter wardrobe has been banished into flat pack bags, so for that reason alone summer needs to stay!

One look I am loving at the moment is relaxed Boho. It’s probably not even that ‘in’ but that’s never really stopped me. I ordered a Boho inspired dress the other day and let’s just say it looked very tent like, which wasn’t really the look I was going for. I’ve been doing my research and spotted some dresses that might just do the trick. If you’re loving the relaxed Boho vibe check out my hot picks below.


H&M off-the-shoulder lace dress | Topshop floral maxi dress | New Look pink maxi dress | Monsoon off-the-shoulder dress |



Home Sweet Home, The Skinny


Recreate the bright and colourful style of a cool Californian home with these key pieces.


Art Prints from Indigo | Pendant lamp from Ikea | Metro leaf chair from Decor |Kitchenaid artisan stand mixer from Hudson’s Bay | Company multi-stripe paddle from Hudson’s Bay | Barcelona Polished 6 seater dining table from Atkin and Thyme | 4-drawer chest from Ikea | Pillows from Zara | Tilden spindle back swivel barstool from Pottery Barn

The Skinny

Valentine’s Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

The big day of love is nearly upon us, and as much as I believe in showing love throughout the year and not just on February 14th, it is another excuse to shower your partner, mum, sibling, niece, nephew and more importantly yourself with a treaty gift.

Here’s my pick of the loveliest gifts out there. Just click the links below to buy – happy shopping.


  1. Personalised mirror | 2. Pink fizzy | 3. Jewellery tray | 4. Coffee machine 5. Jo Malone candle | 6. Love mug | 7. Olivia Burton Bee ring | 8. Love print | 9. Heart print dressing gown | 10. Best friends biscuit 



The Skinny

Goodbye Blue Sunday

This sounds really negative but I have never liked Sundays, I’m not sure what it is but there’s just a different feel about a Sunday that doesn’t do it for me. When I was in Canada my blue Sunday feeling literally vanished overnight and Sundays felt like any other day. I lived slap bang in the middle of the city so I’d be out exploring a fair bit, and I also got really into the baseball and basketball. Sunday afternoons or evenings were occupied watching sport which I loved. I was also at the gym most Sundays so that helped pop my endorphins into shape.

Sundays in the UK are a different concept but this year I am determined to kick my blue Sunday feeling into touch. If you’re like me and need to refresh your Sunday try following my top tips to making them a little bit brighter.

  1. A good Sunday starts with a productive Saturday. I know it’s not realistic packing high energy stuff into your whole weekend, but if you have a positive Saturday doing what you love the chances are your Sunday will automatically feel much brighter.
  2. Don’t lie in too long. I slept in until 10am this morning and it was waaaaay too long. It’s good to catch up on sleep but if you have too much snoozy time you’ll spend the rest of the day feeling really lethargic. I know setting an alarm at a weekend sounds like a party pooper thing to do but you’ll benefit from getting up that little bit earlier.
  3. Stretch. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have actually done this, but the times I have, I have felt 100% SO much more awake and alert. Just spend 5 minutes doing a simple stretch like this one and you’ll be happy as Larry all day long.
  4. Eat a good brekkie. Plan your weekend breakfasts out so you have whatever you fancy in the cupboards. It could be porridge, pancakes, a bagel and smoked salmon or fresh fruit. Have something tasty that you really enjoy.
  5. Plan to get fresh air. It’s 4.00pm and I’ve not had enough fresh air today and it’s 100% effecting my mood. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or boiling hot. Dressed appropriately and get outside. Just a walk round the block is enough if you’re not up for a 3 hour hike :-)
  6. If you’re a member of a gym go on a Sunday. I love going around 5pm, doing an hour session and then coming home having dinner and getting set for my week ahead.
  7. Read a book, blog, website you like or watch a movie. I know the rules about being on your phone in bed and yes this can effect your sleep but if you like looking on reddit go on reddit before bed. If it chills you out pinning things on Pinterest do it. You’ll know yourself if it’s effecting your sleep and if it is switch to reading a book instead.
  8. See your friends. Sunday’s are meant to be a day of rest so go and chill on your mates couch or meet up and head for a walk. Catching up with loved ones and having a good chin wag will improve your day in an instant.
  9. Draw. I had a colouring in book that I used to use most days. For some reason I’ve stopped colouring but that’s something I will be changing this week.
  10. Listen to some music. Whatever makes you feel jolly and gets you singing out loud. Crank the volume up and get singing.
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Lovely & Affordable January Buys

I know it’s new year and I know we’re all skint but if you’re feeling like you just need to get something to perk you up, this pick below should do the trick.

I’ve selected 10 of my favourite things, everything from a contour kit to help hide those winter blemishes and dark circles, to the cutest flamingo 2017 diary and THE best skincare product from Liz Earle – seriously this stuff will change your life. jan

  1. Alphabet Tea cup £4 | 2. 2017 Diary £8.50| 3. Maybelline Correcting Kit £9.99 | 4. OPI Nail Varnish £12.50 |   5. Handheld Spiralizer £11.99 | 6. Oliver Bonas Ring £18 | 7. Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser £15.50 | 8. Scented Candle £6.50 | 9. Calvin Klein Bralette £20 | 10. Cath Kinston Cosmetic Bag £8


The Skinny

Happy 2017


It’s the new year so what better time to look ahead and get yourself organised, motivated and energised to tick off all the things you want to in 2017.

The last couple of years I haven’t set resolutions as such. I’ve set myself goals (achievable ones) that will challenge me, get me off my ass and generally make me feel better, because that’s the important thing – making yourself feel pretty damn good. Life is way too short not to feel your best, and be the very best version of you.

This year one of my goals is to be kinder to myself. To be less harsh and more forgiving. I stress too much (but less than I used to). I get anxious and overwhelmed and I spend far too many hours overthinking things when I should really just talk them through.

So 2017 is about me taking control and being kinder to myself and just having a little bit more love for me. It might sound overindulgent but I reckon most of you could love yourself that little bit more too.