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Beauty Product Of The Week

With the summer now in full swing it’s all about candy coloured lips. My beauty product for this week is the Clinique chubby stick in curvy candy. It’s perfect if you’re not too keen on lipsticks as it’s a mix of a lipstick and a balm. If you’re not a fan of this shade fear not, there are several other luscious colours in the collection, including 16 natural tints and 8 vibrant shades.

Pucker up people.



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Stylfile Review

Do you remember Tom from The Apprentice, the guy with the glasses, the one that won? There is a picture of him below if you don’t know who I am talking about. So Tom has a best-selling nail care range and he’s just added two new products to it, which is a great thing for us girls.

Tom is all about the design and innovation and thanks to his dedication your nails now have the ability to look pretty damn good. I have been testing out these new products and I am obsessed and very impressed.

My nails were pretty embarrassing, they were short (way too short) and they were going through a stage of breaking just when they were starting to look decent – it’s a first world problem I know.

As much as I joke I was getting really annoyed as having nasty looking nails is not a good look, and I didn’t have the spare pennies to take myself off to a nail bar. The PR team at Stylfile got in touch about these new products and asked if I’d like to give them a go. YES, SEND IMMEDIATELY is pretty much what I said back.

Now I know it’s maybe lame getting excited by nail files and things that make your nails look all shiny and healthy but sorry I am one of those people. I like having nice nails and if you’re with me I HAVE to urge you to go and get these new nail saviours.

So the new products:

First up is the Stylfile Infuse, the world’s first moisturising nail file, complete with cuticle oil to nourish your nails and cuticles. The clever thing is the nail file is curved so it follows the nails’ natural shape (yes I know such an obviously good idea). It’s like when they introduced nail varnish with nail shaped brushes – genius. So Stylfile Infuse combines specially-developed almond cuticle oil to hydrate cuticles – mine have never looked or felt better. You use the nail file to shape and the softer inner side to smooth. Then you click the button at the base of the body and it releases the almond oil which you rub into your nail and cuticle. Don’t go crazy with the clicking as one click pretty much does one hand perfectly. It’s light enough to carry if you go away which is perfect if you want to maintain your nails on the go.


The other product I have been testing out is the Stylfile Mani Pro which is a 3 in 1 buffer complete with professional manicure tools. There is a pusher, neater, buffer and shiner, and yes you guessed it they all make your nails look amazing – see the picture of my thumb below if you don’t believe me. This has to be one of my favourite tools for your nails and again it’s compact enough to pop in your bag for nail touch ups on the go.

Mani Pro

The two new products, designed and created by The Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, are available to buy at


Here’s my shiny thumb and a smiley Tom


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Jealous Body Scrub Review

When Vancouver-based body scrub brand Jealous Body got in touch to see if I’d like to test out its first product to launch – a natural Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub I replied instantly. After months of hiding my body away through the winter my skin was in need of a refresh and wake-up call and this was the perfect product for the job.

So what did I test?  I was sent a pack of Jealous Body Scrub

What is it? It’s an all over body scrub (you can slap it on your face too). The scrub contains premium robusta coffee, organic cold pressed coconut oil, raw brown sugar, sea salt, vitamin E and minerals. There are no ingredients you will struggle to pronounce which is always a good sign, oh and it smells delicious – if you like the smell of coffee that is.

Why should you use it? What body exfoliator are you currently using? Does it work as it should? If it doesn’t and you are really looking to give your skin and treat then order some Jealous Body NOW. I have to be honest I am sceptical when I read that a product will reduce the appearance of cellulite but I have to say the appearance of my skin does appear to have improved. It doesn’t banish cellulite (it doesn’t promise to) but with summer days approaching this stuff will give you added confidence about baring your skin in public. Jealous Body is also good for reducing the appearance of eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins, psoriasis and acne.

How does it work? So the coffee beans aren’t just there to make it smell good, they work away to exfoliate and rejuvenate, the brown sugar and sea salt hydrates and moisturises your skin and the vitamin E and minerals work their magic to protect and repair your skin. It’s super easy to use too. Use 2-3 scoops for your whole body and rub into wet skin in circular motions. Leave it there to do it’s thing for 5-10 minutes. Now this is why it works, because you leave it there to soak in and do it’s job. I have to admit I used to exfoliate in a flash, rub it on, wait a minute or so and get rid. Jealous Body forces you to have some chill time in the shower, take 10 minutes out whilst it’s on your body. Call your friend for a catch up, do some squats even, go through your to do list in your head. The important thing is you leave it there to work. Then after your chill time and after inhaling the smell of coffee you just rinse it off.

What’s the result? Seriously smooth, bright and rejuvenated skin. Your bathroom will smell pretty good too.

Where can I buy it? Jealous Body is available online at and they ship all over the world so there is no excuse not to have smooth and luscious skin.

Cost? $17.95 or around £9.40 if you live in the UK. Shipping is free to Canada and the US and $3.95 to everywhere else.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I love this stuff. As you know I love natural products and this certainly ticks that box. It smells great, it’s different and even the packaging is cool.

Arm yourself with a pack of this and you will not be disappointed. The Jealous Body website is packed full of faqs and you can order directly from the website too.

Happy scrubbing people.

Jealous Body

Ella Henerson, Batiste campaign shot -half up half down_v3 2MB
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Ella Henderson Rocks Big Hair

Prepare to start lusting after Ella Henderson’s hair. The X Factor finalist has just been revealed as the official face of Batiste 2015 Ready For It campaign.

It’s no surprise really as Ella has pretty lust worthy hair and the first promo shots will make you want to invest in a can of the UK’s No1 dry shampoo.

Batiste’s International campaign launched on April 13th with a TV advertising campaign featuring Ella’s latest single, Mirror Man.

If you’re wondering how to create huge hair like Ella, grab your can of Batiste and hairbrush and check out the video below. You can have a sing-along to her new song too.

beauty hacks

15 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

There are hundreds of beauty hacks out there. Here are 15 of my favourite.

1. If you have naturally wavy hair don’t towel dry it with a towel. Use either a t-shirt or a microfibre towel to reduce frizz.

2. Wash your pillow case more often than you do! The amount of bacteria that can collect on it is alarming. Washing it more often will work wonders for your skin.

3. Use SPF daily. Ensure there is SPF in your facial moisturiser or foundation.

4. Men’s razors work just as well (if not better) for shaving and they can be cheaper too.

5. Blast eyelash curlers with a hair dryer before using to extend the length of your lashes. Make sure the metal doesn’t get too hot though.

6. Drink a large glass of cold water before your morning tea or coffee. Not only will it help to keep your skin clear and bright it will help to give your metabolism a boost too.

7. If you want loose wavy hair french plait damp hair before you go to bed. When you wake in the morning just spray with a sea salt spray and you’re good to go.

8. Mix a dab of honey with some sugar to create a fabulous lip exfoliant.

9. Ditch make up for two days a week. Your skin will be more radiant and hydrated for it.

10. Use coconut oil to remove makeup. Just pop a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe it over makeup to remove.

11. Prevent blisters by rubbing clear deodorant on your heels or anywhere your shoes rub to stop friction.

12. Make your nail polish dry faster by soaking your nails in ice water after painting them.

13. Apply concealer by drawing a triangle under your eye which points towards your cheek.

14. Dab Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer.

15. Prevent bobby pins from slipping and sliding in your hair by giving them a quick spritz of hairspray.

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Do You Go Bare-Faced?

Does the word bare-faced fill you with dread? For most women it does, but it really shouldn’t. Recent reports suggest that women should adopt the 5:2 plan for their face, and that giving your skin a break from make-up is the key to a perfect complexion. Experts believe that having two make-up free days can reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just one month. Pass me the make-up remover!!

Beauty brand conducted a survey that revealed two-thirds of British women wear make-up seven days a week and three-quarters suffer from breakouts as a result. Only a quarter would skip make-up for more than one day a week.

Do you have the confidence to leave the house make-up free? (I barely had the confidence to post the picture above) Well I tried it yesterday and although I didn’t feel as confident without make-up on, my skin felt so much better by the time I was going to bed. The beauty of working from home is that I can sit bare-faced and feel quite comfortable about it. My major issue is the ever so attractive purple skin under my eyes (see above). No matter how much sleep I have I never seem to shift it, and without make-up I do tend to look ill. Allowing your skin to breathe is always a good idea though and I am definitely going to stick with the 5:2 rule.

If you fancy giving it a go here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1. If you wear foundation and you’re not comfortable opting for a lighter BB cream ensure your foundation is packed with ingredients to let oxygen through to your skin. Benefit’s Hello Flawless’ Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation helps to boost cellular respiration and protects against the dirt and grime that can often cause breakouts. It also contains vitamin C and E derivatives known to prevent the signs of ageing. If you do fancy trying a BB cream I recommend Garnier BB cream, I’ve used it for a while now and it’s light and hydrating.

2. If you go make-up free don’t forget to hydrate your lips. My personal favourite is Rosy Lips Lip Therapy from Vaseline. With a hint of colour it will brighten up your face as well as ensure your lips stay smooth.

3. Curling your eyelashes is another trick to help your face look a bit more awake, and there is nothing in the 5:2 rule book about not being able to do this. I have used Shu Uemura eyelash curlers for years and in my opinion they are the best.

4. Give your skin a healthy glow with Rose Hip Oil and a mini DIY facial. I stumbled across this video which shows how you can give your skin a radiant glow from the comfort of your bathroom. I have tried it out and it feels amazing.

What Skin Needs Logo

What skin needs blogger review

I was on the hunt for a new moisturiser when the lovely PR team for What Skin Needs got in touch to see if I wanted to try some of their products. It could not have come at a better time. I am currently in Canada and the winter out here is brutal. Today for example it’s -21 with a wind chill of -27. I have no words for how cold that actually feels and it’s playing havoc with my skin. The heating is on constantly to battle the cold which is drying my skin out even further too.

The biggest problem I have with skincare is finding the right products. I can literally spend hours deliberating over moisturiser. I clearly have too much time on my hands. The main issue is that I like to know what I am putting on my skin and half of the face creams out there contain things I have never heard of.  The best thing about all of the products I was testing is they are all natural (no horrible nasties in sight) and designed to provide effective solutions to skin problems such as dry skin from hot and cold weather, cracked skin and skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

What Skin Needs is a brand new Australian skincare range that’s landed in the UK. I tested out the three key products in the range, the Skin BalmSoothing Skin Gel and Cracked Skin Cream and have nothing but great things to say about all three. All of the products contain the active ingredient Plantolin* which is scientifically proven to soothe, renew and protect.

Here’s a low down on the specifics for each product. If you’re looking to switch up your beauty creams seriously consider What Skin Needs I won’t be looking back that’s for sure.

Skin Balm (£13.99 for 75ml)


A potent formulation designed to tackle a range of skin problems including dry and damaged skin, rashes and skin irritations. Supported by a blend of natural extracts and essential oils including: aloe vera, olive oil, myrrh, lavender oil, tea tree oil, geranium oil. Skin Balm is incredible for:

  • Reducing irration
  • Dry and damaged skin
  • Reviving stressed skin
  • Skin cell renewal

This product is my favourite, it’s light but highly effective and it smells really good too. I apply it in the morning 10 minutes before I put my make up on. This product moisturises all day and gives a gorgeous smooth feel to your skin. LOVE IT.

Soothing Skin Gel (£13.99 for 75ml)


Relieves the effects of sun damage, windburn and skin irritation caused by exposure. Soothes, desensitises and protects chapped skin. It’s ideal for skin that is

  • Sun damaged
  • Wind damaged
  • Itchy
  • Great for skin cell renewal

I use this gel before bed so it can work it’s magic when I’m sleeping. It’s obviously thicker than the balm because it’s a gel but I didn’t mind that. I could literally feel my skin hydrating within minutes. It’s now part of my before bed regime.

Cracked Skin Cream (£12.99 for 75ml)


An intensive skincare solution supported by a blend of natural extracts, essential oils including: aloe vera, calendula, olive oil, pomegranate, silica, green tea, myrrh, vitamin E, lavender oil, geranium oil, and lemon oil. It’s designed to address difficult problem skin including:

  • Rough and damaged skin
  • Feet and heels
  • Knees and elbows
  • Skin cell renewal

I have mentioned cracked skin before. Yes it’s unsightly and yes not many people want to talk about it. Well I am and this cream banishes dry skin on heels. There I said it. I have also been using it as a lip conditioner as the windchill has been playing havoc with my lips too. This is another essential product for all seasons.

As you can tell these products were all an instant hit, Billy has even been using them and he’s a fan too. What Skin Needs products are all available to buy from not only do they work they don’t break the bank either.

*Plantolin is a patent-protected active plant extract, scientifically proven to soothe, renew and protect. This key ingredient is derived from the Australian indigenous plant, centipede cunninghamii, and is internationally patent protected for its novel active compounds that provide a natural synergy of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity.

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Spring beauty bag essentials

Doesn’t it feel like spring has been a long time coming? And it’s not even here yet! Move along winter there’s tulips, sunny days and April showers waiting.

To get you in the mood here’s my five must have spring beauty buys that are just bloomin’ lovely.

SPRINGL’Occitane hand cream, $12

OPI Hotter Than you Pink nail varnish, $11

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream, $26

Clinique Chubby Stick, $19

Body Shop Wild Argan Oil for hair and body, $22


My Favourite Product Of 2014: Tangle Teezer

I’ll get straight to the point, this brush is amazing, you need one in your life. Go and buy a Tangle Teezer.

I have to thank my sister for introducing me to it, she uses the brush on my nieces hair (the magic Flower Pot is great for kids) and I never really thought about buying one for myself. My hair can get really knotty and I was literally dragging my old hairbrush through my hair which was not only bad for my hair, it hurt like hell.

I finally got my hands on one – they seem to sell out fast in the shops (well in Canadian shops anyway) and I cannot tell you how good it felt to brush my hair, yes brushing my hair got me excited I admit it. The Tangle Teezer glides through my hair, no dragging or pulling required, pure bliss.

And here is what I really love about it, the brains behind this amazing invention started his career in Manchester, he came up with the Tangle Teezer idea, pitched it on Dragons Den and was rejected. Their loss, as five years later the product is picking up awards left, right and centre, including The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation and last year Tangle Teezer was number 19 in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100. So not only is this product amazing, a MUST have in your beauty bag, there is a cool story behind it all.

I am currently using the Compact Styler Feline Groovy – mainly because it was the only one I could get my hands on in Sephora. It’s a great size and fits neatly in my handbag, it also has a genius removable cover to protect the teeth from fluff an dirt. Check out to see all the products and more importantly where to get your hands on one.

beauty bag2

Winter Beauty Essentials

Arm yourself with these essential beauty products and be kind to your skin this winter.

beauty1. Vaseline My lips are the first thing that tell me winter is here, avoid unsightly chapped and dry flaky lips with a slick of Vaseline. I have a couple of tins, one for my beauty bag at home and one for my coat pocket when I am on the go.

2. Face cream. My favourite brand is Oil of Olay and my choice for winter would be the Age Defying Instant Hydration Day Cream.

3. Exfoliating is still a must during the winer. Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish has been in my life for a long time and won’t be leaving anytime soon. It’s deliciously good!

4. Give your skin a drink. You may be covering your body with layer upon layer of clothing but it’s still important to hydrate your skin. Nivea Extra Nourishing Body Milk is gorgeous and will see you through to spring.

5. Your hair will thank you for three minutes with this beauty. Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner is a simple fix that will get your locks through the winter.