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Passenger seat of plane with screen. Have a good flight!
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How to make economy class feel like first

Travelling in first class is an experience. You’re made to feel super super special and nothing is too much trouble. I have never experienced this super special feeling at the front of the plane, behind that plush curtain, but every flight I take in economy I try to make as comfortable as possible. There are some little hits, tips and tricks that can make economy that little bit more luxurious.

Start at the airport

Depending on which airport I travel out of I see if there are any deals for the executive lounges. If you add up the cost of a couple of coffees, a meal and maybe a glass of wine, a beer or glass of fizz you could have gone into an executive lounge. Some lounges can be naff – Manchester Airport Aspire lounge specifically. Others are pretty nice, Toronto Pearson, Dublin and Heathrow lounges are all really nice. Heading off to an executive lounge is just a nicer experience than wandering round the shops trying to waste time, queuing for an overpriced drink and then trying to find somewhere to sit. Executive lounges have comfy seats, a decent view and all you can eat food and drink (within reason of course). Heading to the plane from an executive lounge will make you feel that little bit more special.

Essential items 

Some airlines will give you a little comfort pack with a sleep mask, earplugs and some dodgy socks that always make my feet sweat (TMI I know). Before you even head off to the airport build in some time to prepare your own inflight kit. This should include things like hand cream, a magazine or book of your choice, face wipes and a toothbrush set.


Hand Cream | Lip balm | Clinique eye serum | Magazine | Earplugs | Cath Kinston beauty bag | Sleep mask | Face wipes | Toothbrush set

Choose your seat wisely

As you probably know you can pay a little bit extra for a seat with more leg room. If you’re tall and you’re going long haul I would recommend it. It’s always worth asking at check in if the flight is full and if there are any extra leg room seats. Check out to find out which seats offer the most leg room on your flight.

Dinner time 

I personally think airline food has got better, it’s not exactly five star but it’s kind of edible. A trick if you’re wanting something a bit more bespoke is to choose a meal from the special requirements section (there is a drop down menu for this). These meals include gluten free, kosher, reduced salt and vegetarian.

Dress for comfort

Being comfortable is the most important thing when travelling, especially if it’s a night flight. If you can, pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage. I opt for lounge pants and a cosy jumper and change into this after my meal. Take your make up off, stick your earplugs in and sleep mask on and try and get some sleep. If you’re one of those people who struggles to sleep on a plane try and at least close your eyes and rest.

in flight

Jersey top | Scarf | Knit | Sunglasses | Comfy flats

Avoid alcohol and caffeine 

Yes you’ve heard this several times and I know it’s hard to avoid that glass of wine at the airport and then the first drink when the drink trolley comes round. If you really fancy a drink have the free one they give you with your meal and stick to soft drinks and hot water/flavoured tea the rest of the time. I promise you you’ll free so much fresher.

Happy flying everyone


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Work Out
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The Gym

I’m aiming to get addicted to the gym. I figure it’s a good addiction to have right? I’ve been making the effort to go at least five times a week and so far so good.

Not only can I feel my body getting stronger (stronger genuinely is better than skinny), my abs are threatening to reveal themselves too which is rather nice of them. It’s also helped keep me focused and in a positive frame of mind. It’s no lie that regularly going to the gym is good for your mental health. I sometimes wake up and feel completely crap, 10 minutes into a gym session and I forget about feeling crap, I am more focused on my fitness goals.

So many of my friends have recently started posting about their own fitness goals, detoxes and runs they have been on and it’s encouraging to see. The summer days ahead and getting in a pair of shorts continues to be my motivation! Whatever yours is just go for it and remember to have a balanced approach to fitness. Eat well, work out hard and give your body enough time to recover.

Gym 17.29.58

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Travel Wish List

I’m lucky to have travelled fairly extensively already but there are a few places I would still love to see. My travel wish list looks a little something like this…

Turks & Caicos

Just take me there now!

Turks & Caicos


I have an idea in my head that I will go to Hawaii to surf. I can’t surf but that’s just a minor issue.



I have romantic visions of going to Aspen and skiing all day and then drinking champagne in a hot tub with the snow-capped mountains as a backdrop. I will make this trip happen one day.


Grand Canyon

This is the one place my Mum ALWAYS tells me I need to go. I promise I’ll make it there one day Mum.

Grand Canyon


I’ve flown over Greenland many times and always wondered what it’s all about. One day I will stop off there and find out.


Lake Louise

This place looks so incredible in every single photo I have seen.

 Lake Louise


I’ve heard nothing but great things about Singapore. I’ve only ever seen the inside of the airport on my way to Australia and I’d love to explore the city one day.



I have been lucky to have visited Disney a few times now and each time it just got better and better. So much has changed since I was last there and I would just love to go back.


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Monday Quote
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Monday Motivation

It’s Monday which means you’re probably feeling pretty blurgh. Well stop it. Stop it right now! You are better than that. Dig out your positive pants and have a great week. You have the ability to make your week the best it can be and life is too short to waste it feeling crappy.

Here are five ways you can kick-start your positive approach to life.

Stop comparing yourself to others. This is the biggest way to start feeling more positive. You don’t know half of the struggles other people go through. Ignore the overly happy Facebook posts and stop thinking you’re trailing behind. You are doing a great job at living your life without comparing it to others.

Live in the present. Life goes by far too quickly and there is no time for living in the past, you’ve been there and done that and it’s now time to focus on the present day. Live in the moment and you’ll feel more focused and positive.

Exercise. You already know endorphins make you happy so I won’t go on about that. Doing just 20 minutes of exercise a day will help you to feel much more proactive and happier.

Make an effort to look good. I am not talking about spending hours on your appearance but  making a effort to do your hair and make up will make you feel great. If you work from home this is especially important.

Give yourself a break. We are all too quick to point out our flaws and focus on the things we haven’t achieved. Try and get in the habit of giving yourself mental compliments every single day. Acknowledge all the good stuff, you deserve a pat on the back.

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Goodbye March


Wishing you all an utterly fabulous April. It’s my favourite month of the year. Spring is in the air (well sort of) summer is on its way and I get to celebrate my birthday…today!

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Six Of My Favourite Blushers

Blusher is one of the most essential products in any beauty bag. It can transform pale and tired looking skin in an instant and it’s one of my go-to beauty products. There are so many different blushers out there, from subtle to bright and bold shades. If you’re not sure about which shade is best for your skin the rule of thumb is rose or peach-toned blushers are best if you have fair or medium skin. Orangey and deep berry tones are best if you have darker skin.

I’m a huge fan of powder blushes as I find they are much easier to work with. Cream blushers are great for creating that dewy look, just be sure to apply them before you set your make up with powder.

So the first thing you need to ensure is that you have a decent blusher brush. Three of my favourite are…

Blusher Brushes

No7, The Body Shop and Urban Decay

Now to the main event.

I was having a look at the new flagship H&M store in Toronto the other week and the beauty section is insane. I must have spent a good 45 minutes there. The blusher selection is pretty decent and includes this Hot Pink and Rosy Brown Blusher.H&M

Next up is The French Kiss blusher from Bare Minerals. I love the shade and the brush it comes with which makes it so much easier for a quick touch up on the go. Shop this pretty blusher here.


Bare Minerals

If you’re a fan of cream blushers this Fresh Blush from The Body Shop should be on your list. The colour is so fresh and the cute little pot is perfect for popping in your handbag. Shop this gorgeous Florida Sunstar blusher here.

Fresh Sorbet Blush

Becca is a beauty brand I adore. It’s a little on the pricey side but a treat now and then never hurt anyone! This mineral blush gives a beautiful matte finish. Shop for it here.

Becca mineralblush-nightingale_1I admit that I sometimes pick beauty products just because I like the packaging! This Too Faced blusher is a prime example. I love the heart shape, I love that it has a mirror, and if it had a brush built in there it would be off the chart. A super cute product for any beauty fan.

Too Faced How deep is your love

I picked this next blusher because I love the vibrant colour. Perfect for those long summer evenings at a beach bar. Shop this colour pop blusher from Urban Decay here

Urban Decay Quickie

All the products above are cruelty-free

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Wallpaper Inspiration

Wallpaper is great for adding personality, texture and colour to your home. It can make big spaces seem cosy and inviting and small spaces seem airy and light. You can make a real style statement using just one wall and it’s one of my favourite ways to update a home.

The beauty of wallpaper is it’s ideal if you’re not too confident about making a huge statement. Covering one wall in a bright and stylish wallpaper can transform a whole room. I’ve selected some of my favourite wallpaper designs which are suitable for those who want to make a big statement and those who want to be slightly more subtle.


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