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Five Things Everyone Should Do Every Weekend

It’s the weekend which means two days off doing whatever you like.

Whatever you have planned here are five things that you should be doing every weekend.

1. Get some fresh air. Walk the dog, go and grab a coffee and walk around the park, head for the hills on a hike. Just get some fresh air at some point over the weekend.

2. Plan out your week ahead. Whether you work at home for yourself or for a company it’s still important to plan out your week. Make plans within your week to catch up with friends, for the gym and for yourself (grab a bath and just chill with your favourite magazine).

3. It’s official that Sunday blues stink. Kick them into touch and do something fun on a Sunday night. Get together with friends in the local, is there a pub quiz on you could all do? Head to the cinema, find out if there are any bands playing near where you live. Do something fun and you’ll forget all about those silly Sunday blues.

4. Make the most of weekend mornings. Yes there is the temptation to sleep in (if you can and you don’t have kids jumping all over you at 7am) but if you lie in until 10 or 11am you will have wasted the best bit of the weekend. You will extend your weekend if you get up and head out for say 9.30am. Go to your local coffee shop for a nice coffee and pastry and read the papers. You will feel better the earlier you get up and out.

5. Cut down on booze. Yes I know that might sound boring but you know I am right. If you spend the whole weekend drinking you know how fuzzy your head feels come Sunday night and Monday morning. Try and stick to just one night of drinking over the weekend. I promise you will feel so much better for it.

Happy weekend everyone!

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