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Do You Go Bare-Faced?

Does the word bare-faced fill you with dread? For most women it does, but it really shouldn’t. Recent reports suggest that women should adopt the 5:2 plan for their face, and that giving your skin a break from make-up is the key to a perfect complexion. Experts believe that having two make-up free days can reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just one month. Pass me the make-up remover!!

Beauty brand conducted a survey that revealed two-thirds of British women wear make-up seven days a week and three-quarters suffer from breakouts as a result. Only a quarter would skip make-up for more than one day a week.

Do you have the confidence to leave the house make-up free? (I barely had the confidence to post the picture above) Well I tried it yesterday and although I didn’t feel as confident without make-up on, my skin felt so much better by the time I was going to bed. The beauty of working from home is that I can sit bare-faced and feel quite comfortable about it. My major issue is the ever so attractive purple skin under my eyes (see above). No matter how much sleep I have I never seem to shift it, and without make-up I do tend to look ill. Allowing your skin to breathe is always a good idea though and I am definitely going to stick with the 5:2 rule.

If you fancy giving it a go here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1. If you wear foundation and you’re not comfortable opting for a lighter BB cream ensure your foundation is packed with ingredients to let oxygen through to your skin. Benefit’s Hello Flawless’ Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation helps to boost cellular respiration and protects against the dirt and grime that can often cause breakouts. It also contains vitamin C and E derivatives known to prevent the signs of ageing. If you do fancy trying a BB cream I recommend Garnier BB cream, I’ve used it for a while now and it’s light and hydrating.

2. If you go make-up free don’t forget to hydrate your lips. My personal favourite is Rosy Lips Lip Therapy from Vaseline. With a hint of colour it will brighten up your face as well as ensure your lips stay smooth.

3. Curling your eyelashes is another trick to help your face look a bit more awake, and there is nothing in the 5:2 rule book about not being able to do this. I have used Shu Uemura eyelash curlers for years and in my opinion they are the best.

4. Give your skin a healthy glow with Rose Hip Oil and a mini DIY facial. I stumbled across this video which shows how you can give your skin a radiant glow from the comfort of your bathroom. I have tried it out and it feels amazing.

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