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How to deal with an off day

When an off day strikes it can be pretty rubbish. I’ve had one today and I can’t wait for Tuesday to show its face. Yes I know I shouldn’t be wishing the rest of my day away.

Sometimes a crappy day can start from the minute you wake up. If this is the case action is needed to ensure your whole day isn’t a complete right off. Here’s five ways you can turn that off day into a pretty decent day.

Stick the radio on 

Music is known to make you feel better so instead of tuning into the TV whilst you’re getting ready listen to some music instead.

Share it

If there is something on your mind that’s making you feel crappy talk it through with someone you trust. When you’re stressed out and feeling on edge or depressed it can effect your stomach too. The New York Times reported that prolonged stress can effect the digestive system and irritate the large intestine making you feel super ichy. Talk your problems over with a friend and you’ll start to feel better.

Look at something funny

Laughing is pretty good therapy. I always look at videos of my niece when I’m in need of a pick me up. If you don’t have a funny video on hand google yawning puppies – it’s always a crowd-pleaser and I will guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards.

Take a shower

So you obviously can’t do this in the middle of the afternoon in the office but if you wake up and feel crappy head straight for a shower. Don’t be tempted to have a really hot one though, a warm shower with bursts of cold water for 20 seconds is ideal for getting your circulation going and washing away those negative thoughts.

Avoid social media 

We can thank social media for reuniting us with old friends and keeping us in touch with current one, but studies show checking social media triggers depression because we end up comparing ourselves to everyone else. Have a break from Facebook and Twitter and only check them when you have to.

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