Spring Closet Refresh

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your clothing collection. By keeping your closet organised and minimal it will make choosing what to wear so much easier.

Here’s the essentials that you should have:

  • 1 nice dress – It might sound harsh but in the last three months how many times have you worn your ‘nice dresses’
  • 2 day dresses – Ideal instead of wearing jeans
  • 2 jackets – One should be black to ensure it goes with everything
  • 3 skirts – Below the knee, floor length and midi
  • 3 jumpers – Turtle neck has made a come back for 2015, mid length sleeve and oversized are also my favourite
  • 2 pairs of dark trousers – Versatile and they can be teamed with a bright top/jumper for a colour pop
  • 2 pairs of jeans – Skinny are always a good option as they go with anything, wide legged/flared are great for smart/casual dressing
  • 3 coats – I love coats and have about 8, some I haven’t worn for at least six months though – a sure sign they need to go!
  • 1 white button front shirt – Ideal for smart/casual look
  • A few t-shirts – Useful for pretty much any look, they are perfect under jumpers too for an extra layer
  • 1 pair of black heels – Mid height or high, depends on your tolerance levels
  • 1 pair of pumps – Flats that you can do practical things in
  • 1 pair of trainers – Converse would be my choice
  • 1 pair of ‘going out’ shoes – Opt for a colour that matches your wardrobe collection best

By all means I am not suggesting that you bin all your other clothes, the general rule is if you haven’t worn it in a couple of months you’re probably not likely too. If you end up with a pile of clothes you find you don’t wear so much, stick them on ebay or do a good deed and donate them to your charity shop of choice.

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