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Stylfile Review

Do you remember Tom from The Apprentice, the guy with the glasses, the one that won? There is a picture of him below if you don’t know who I am talking about. So Tom has a best-selling nail care range and he’s just added two new products to it, which is a great thing for us girls.

Tom is all about the design and innovation and thanks to his dedication your nails now have the ability to look pretty damn good. I have been testing out these new products and I am obsessed and very impressed.

My nails were pretty embarrassing, they were short (way too short) and they were going through a stage of breaking just when they were starting to look decent – it’s a first world problem I know.

As much as I joke I was getting really annoyed as having nasty looking nails is not a good look, and I didn’t have the spare pennies to take myself off to a nail bar. The PR team at Stylfile got in touch about these new products and asked if I’d like to give them a go. YES, SEND IMMEDIATELY is pretty much what I said back.

Now I know it’s maybe lame getting excited by nail files and things that make your nails look all shiny and healthy but sorry I am one of those people. I like having nice nails and if you’re with me I HAVE to urge you to go and get these new nail saviours.

So the new products:

First up is the Stylfile Infuse, the world’s first moisturising nail file, complete with cuticle oil to nourish your nails and cuticles. The clever thing is the nail file is curved so it follows the nails’ natural shape (yes I know such an obviously good idea). It’s like when they introduced nail varnish with nail shaped brushes – genius. So Stylfile Infuse combines specially-developed almond cuticle oil to hydrate cuticles – mine have never looked or felt better. You use the nail file to shape and the softer inner side to smooth. Then you click the button at the base of the body and it releases the almond oil which you rub into your nail and cuticle. Don’t go crazy with the clicking as one click pretty much does one hand perfectly. It’s light enough to carry if you go away which is perfect if you want to maintain your nails on the go.


The other product I have been testing out is the Stylfile Mani Pro which is a 3 in 1 buffer complete with professional manicure tools. There is a pusher, neater, buffer and shiner, and yes you guessed it they all make your nails look amazing – see the picture of my thumb below if you don’t believe me. This has to be one of my favourite tools for your nails and again it’s compact enough to pop in your bag for nail touch ups on the go.

Mani Pro

The two new products, designed and created by The Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, are available to buy at


Here’s my shiny thumb and a smiley Tom


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