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Happy 2017


It’s the new year so what better time to look ahead and get yourself organised, motivated and energised to tick off all the things you want to in 2017.

The last couple of years I haven’t set resolutions as such. I’ve set myself goals (achievable ones) that will challenge me, get me off my ass and generally make me feel better, because that’s the important thing – making yourself feel pretty damn good. Life is way too short not to feel your best, and be the very best version of you.

This year one of my goals is to be kinder to myself. To be less harsh and more forgiving. I stress too much (but less than I used to). I get anxious and overwhelmed and I spend far too many hours overthinking things when I should really just talk them through.

So 2017 is about me taking control and being kinder to myself and just having a little bit more love for me. It might sound overindulgent but I reckon most of you could love yourself that little bit more too.

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The Skinny

New Goals for a new week

Do you set yourself goals every week? If you don’t you should. It’s a really good way of making sure you get the most out of life and it’s a pretty effective way of ensuring you get all your jobs done. The beauty about setting goals is that they can be related to every aspect of your life.

Set some goals (achievable ones) and get some real satisfaction when you achieve them! Have a great week everyone.

The Skinny

Are you living or just existing?

I love a good quote (who doesn’t) and the quote above is pretty spot on.

With the start of a new year, pretty much everyone is talking about resolutions, what they want to achieve and do this year to improve their life. Resolutions are great and I love the new year for blasting you into reality, the end of the year is cool but you can sometimes lose track on where you’re heading.

Oscar Wilde has it right, it’s rare to LIVE, as many of us are purely existing. It’s not our fault if we’re just existing, life has a habit of taking over and before we know it years have passed and we haven’t really been living our life to the full. It sounds like the easiest thing in the world, to live is just what we are all doing isn’t it? We are all breathing and living? Yes we are breathing but can you honestly saying you are living the life you want? I don’t necessarily mean jacking in your job, booking a one way ticket and learning how to surf in Oz (although that does sound pretty appealing) Living your life is special and unique to you, that’s what’s cool about it.

This year I have promised myself to do several things that will ensure I live my life, I don’t want to just exist, life is far too precious and short for that. Living your life can mean spending more time with your family (or spending less!) it could be to challenge yourself to run 5k at the gym, learn how to say 20 words in another language, my friends went on a bread making course the other night and loved it.

WTF? I hear you say, living your life consists of bread making? Well it might not float your boat but if you’re a foodie, learning a new baking skill is great and it’s something you can teach other people. Doing lots of little things that you enjoy and want to do will all add up to you living your life the way you want.

Living your life can mean learning how to ski for example, my mum did this at 60. If she can anyone can, it was a challenge but it’s something she can now do and she had a great time learning. She loves adventure so much she’s doing an indoor skydive this year too, she’ll be getting a ‘No Fear’ tattoo next.

So going back to the quote, life is a gift and there is so much you can jam pack in it to make sure you are living and not just existing. So get off Facebook, Twitter, stop watching the TV and get out there and start living.