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Goodbye Blue Sunday

This sounds really negative but I have never liked Sundays, I’m not sure what it is but there’s just a different feel about a Sunday that doesn’t do it for me. When I was in Canada my blue Sunday feeling literally vanished overnight and Sundays felt like any other day. I lived slap bang in the middle of the city so I’d be out exploring a fair bit, and I also got really into the baseball and basketball. Sunday afternoons or evenings were occupied watching sport which I loved. I was also at the gym most Sundays so that helped pop my endorphins into shape.

Sundays in the UK are a different concept but this year I am determined to kick my blue Sunday feeling into touch. If you’re like me and need to refresh your Sunday try following my top tips to making them a little bit brighter.

  1. A good Sunday starts with a productive Saturday. I know it’s not realistic packing high energy stuff into your whole weekend, but if you have a positive Saturday doing what you love the chances are your Sunday will automatically feel much brighter.
  2. Don’t lie in too long. I slept in until 10am this morning and it was waaaaay too long. It’s good to catch up on sleep but if you have too much snoozy time you’ll spend the rest of the day feeling really lethargic. I know setting an alarm at a weekend sounds like a party pooper thing to do but you’ll benefit from getting up that little bit earlier.
  3. Stretch. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have actually done this, but the times I have, I have felt 100% SO much more awake and alert. Just spend 5 minutes doing a simple stretch like this one and you’ll be happy as Larry all day long.
  4. Eat a good brekkie. Plan your weekend breakfasts out so you have whatever you fancy in the cupboards. It could be porridge, pancakes, a bagel and smoked salmon or fresh fruit. Have something tasty that you really enjoy.
  5. Plan to get fresh air. It’s 4.00pm and I’ve not had enough fresh air today and it’s 100% effecting my mood. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or boiling hot. Dressed appropriately and get outside. Just a walk round the block is enough if you’re not up for a 3 hour hike :-)
  6. If you’re a member of a gym go on a Sunday. I love going around 5pm, doing an hour session and then coming home having dinner and getting set for my week ahead.
  7. Read a book, blog, website you like or watch a movie. I know the rules about being on your phone in bed and yes this can effect your sleep but if you like looking on reddit go on reddit before bed. If it chills you out pinning things on Pinterest do it. You’ll know yourself if it’s effecting your sleep and if it is switch to reading a book instead.
  8. See your friends. Sunday’s are meant to be a day of rest so go and chill on your mates couch or meet up and head for a walk. Catching up with loved ones and having a good chin wag will improve your day in an instant.
  9. Draw. I had a colouring in book that I used to use most days. For some reason I’ve stopped colouring but that’s something I will be changing this week.
  10. Listen to some music. Whatever makes you feel jolly and gets you singing out loud. Crank the volume up and get singing.
The Skinny

Do you feel your age?


I was on skype with my niece yesterday and my sister asked her how old she thought I was. My niece’s response was four. Excellent I thought, my niece thinks I am so incredibly youthful. It really made me giggle at how little people think.

I’ve never really felt my age, not that I think I am four but I like to think I have a younger outlook on life. My gran always used to say she never felt her age, she used to say she felt like she was around 18-20 and I have never forgotten her youthful outlook on life and how it made her such a fun person to be around.

Some people develop an older outlook on life and there is nothing wrong with that. I just happen to have developed the ability to think like a kid most of the time. I guess that’s why I sometimes feel I am lagging behind everyone else!

Anyway I did some research and if you too live with a younger state of mind it’s ok, it turns out it’s pretty good for you too and even companies are embracing it. Google has crafted colourful workspaces where employees play with toys and video games, they can even take a nap break. Sounds like a kids dream if you ask me but it’s been thought for a long time that it’s necessary for people to think like children to achieve success as adults. The theory is when you’re stuck in a mental rut you approach everything in your life from the same perspective. Incorporating some childlike activities encourages you to think from a new angle.

Here’s some more reasons why adopting a childlike frame of mind is good for you

1. If you have a younger frame of mind you will be more inclined to ask questions and learn new things. As we get older we sometimes get it in our heads that we don’t need to learn new things, that we know it all. Embracing the enthusiasm you had as a kid and continuing to learn and understand new things is really positive. Use the dreaded ‘Why’ word!

2. Kids play all the time. It’s their 9-5 job and they are pretty good at it. I’m not suggesting you get your dolls house or electric car track out but learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby can help to reduce stress and brighten your outlook on life. Focusing on something new can help you to reorganise things in your mind and see things clearer

3. It encourages you to explore new things. Remember going out on your bike as a kid, going on a family walk, exploring a new destination? Travel is great for the mind and it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a one way ticket round the world. Head away on a weekend camping for example or plan an afternoon drive somewhere you’ve never been before

4. Kids say what they mean all the time, they don’t have a filter and they will tell you exactly what they think. It’s probably not the best idea to unfilter your thoughts like a kid but sometimes we think too much about how we will be perceived. If you don’t like something speak up and say.

5. Kids don’t hold grudges. My sister will often tell me stories about my niece having a melt down and then five minutes later she’s happily playing with her toys. The reason kids can do this is that they don’t have long enough memories to hold on to a bad feeling for very long. This is such a healthy approach to both your personal and professional life when you are frustrated. Scream at the top of your voice in your head then move on to something else. You’ll feel so much better for it.

The Skinny

10 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Confidence lacking this week? Read my top tips on giving it a boost.

1. Hit the gym. This is my favourite one and it works every time. If you don’t have a gym membership go for a run or do some sit ups or some form of exercise. The physiological effects will leave you feeling really good

2. Smile and laugh. Looking through photos and funny videos on your phone tends to do the trick, it’s the perfect thing to do at the end of a long day too.

3. Try something new. Overcome a fear and you will instantly feel more confident. Sign up for a race and head to the front of the yoga class instead of the back!

4. Banish negativity. Let go of mistakes, resentment and regret as this will hold you back. Everyone makes mistakes, use these as learning experiences and move forward.

5. Wear something nice. Ditch the comfy sweater and sweatpants and wear something bright and colourful. It could be a colourful top or just a scarf. Wearing something bright (ideally red) will have a huge impact on your confidence levels

6. Tune in. Research has suggested that listening to music may lead you to feel more powerful and confident. Listen to a song you love and sing your way to feeling more confident

7. Talk to your friends and spend time with people who make you laugh and feel good. Nothing beats a good gossip or just a walk in the park with a pal. Spending time with people who you care about is always a good idea

8. Set yourself a goal. A really great way to boost confidence is to achieve something. Your confidence will increase as you see success

9. Reward yourself. Treat yourself to something you enjoy, it could be a relaxing bubble bath, buy something new, book a manicure or just take a break with a brew and your favourite magazine

10. Get outside when you can. If it’s a gorgeous sunny day make sure you head out and enjoy it – even if it’s just for a short amount of time. The sun is known for improving your mood and your confidence.

The Skinny

Happy International Day of Happiness

It’s International Day of Happiness which means we should all be happy! Well if you’re not feeling the joys of spring here are five things you can do to make you smile.

Exercise – Just 20 minutes of exercise is enough to release those happy endorphins

Spend time with family and friends – Studies have found that time spent with friends and family makes a big difference to how happy we feel

Go outside – Even if it’s raining! Take in a few deep breaths of fresh air and have a walk

Smile – Just the simple action of smiling can help to make you feel happy

Spend your money on others – Buy something for someone else, it’s proven to make you feel happier than buying something for yourself. If you’re not convinced buy something for yourself and someone else!

Have a happy day everyone

The Skinny

Happy New Year

It’s here, the time of the year to look back and reflect and look ahead to a new year of exciting times, new memories and new starts. Whatever 2015 brings remember you are in control and you have the ability and power to make this new year your best ever.

Get up, make the changes in your life that you want to make and stay motivated to live the life you have always wanted.


The Skinny

10 Instant Mood Lifters

These mood lifters are guaranteed to make you smile.

1. Make a hot drink

2. Flick through some old pictures on your phone

3. Have some chocolate – a tiny piece with do

4. Stick your headphones in and listen to a favourite song

5. Do a good deed

6. Plan a fun activity

7. Bake something

8. Go for a walk or a run

9. Clean your desk or if you’re at home clean a room

10. Grab a magazine or book and take a bath


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