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Valentine’s Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

The big day of love is nearly upon us, and as much as I believe in showing love throughout the year and not just on February 14th, it is another excuse to shower your partner, mum, sibling, niece, nephew and more importantly yourself with a treaty gift.

Here’s my pick of the loveliest gifts out there. Just click the links below to buy – happy shopping.


  1. Personalised mirror | 2. Pink fizzy | 3. Jewellery tray | 4. Coffee machine 5. Jo Malone candle | 6. Love mug | 7. Olivia Burton Bee ring | 8. Love print | 9. Heart print dressing gown | 10. Best friends biscuit 



The Skinny

Happy 2017


It’s the new year so what better time to look ahead and get yourself organised, motivated and energised to tick off all the things you want to in 2017.

The last couple of years I haven’t set resolutions as such. I’ve set myself goals (achievable ones) that will challenge me, get me off my ass and generally make me feel better, because that’s the important thing – making yourself feel pretty damn good. Life is way too short not to feel your best, and be the very best version of you.

This year one of my goals is to be kinder to myself. To be less harsh and more forgiving. I stress too much (but less than I used to). I get anxious and overwhelmed and I spend far too many hours overthinking things when I should really just talk them through.

So 2017 is about me taking control and being kinder to myself and just having a little bit more love for me. It might sound overindulgent but I reckon most of you could love yourself that little bit more too.

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The Skinny


I’m not American or Canadian, but Thanksgiving seems to have been adopted by everyone. Apparently sales of turkeys are up in Waitrose and Ocado as Brits adopt the American holiday.

I have decided to opt out of cooking a turkey and indulging in Pumpkin Pie and instead think about what I am thankful for. It was quite therapeutic and it made me realise how lucky I am. So here is my list, what’s on yours?

1. My health

2. Billy, my fiancé, best pal and partner in crime

3. My family, they are truly immense, we have been through hell but we are tougher than ever, we make the best team

4. Pippa, my niece, everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with her. She is AMAZING

5. My in-laws (well soon to be) they are ace

6. My friends, they are my extended family and I would be lost without them

7. Having the opportunity to travel the world, everyone should travel at some point

7. Yorkshire tea, having a cuppa can change your day for the better

8. Skype and Whatsapp, whoever invented these should be given a medal or something

9. Wine, having a chilled glass is a favourite pastime of mine

10. Google, I avoid looking stupid on a regular occasion thanks to Google

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

The Skinny

You Got Post

How much do you use your phone, tablet or laptop to communicate? Well for everyday stuff like work it’s pretty vital but how much do you communicate with your family and friends through a text or email? I am guessing quite a bit, I know I do.

Since I have been away from home I have literally kept Skype and Whatsapp going, I am on Skype weekly and Whatsapp at least once every few hours. BUT I have also communicated with my family and friends through sending post – yes actual post that you write and put in a post box. I have sent postcards (remember those) cards and gifts and I still get that excited feeling, the anticipation of waiting for something to arrive, I love it.

In a world consumed by technology we are losing our personal touch, it’s too easy to send a text rather than picking up the phone, and it’s too easy to just quickly write an email (which can be impersonal) rather than writing a letter or a card and posting it, life is busy I get that, but try at least once a month to send some good old fashioned pigeon post.


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The Skinny

Love Life

Life is funny, weird funny and happy, smiley funny. You’re on earth for however long and you have the power to make your life what you want it to be.

The beauty, and the beast of life is that sometimes it will take you off-piste and you can be taken down a path you don’t want to go down, you really really don’t want to go there but you’re powerless and before you know it the life you once lived is different.

You could lose your job, get sick, break up with your first love, break up with your friend and as much as you can control what’s happening in your life sometimes things just happen, life gives you a jolt and it ends up being different to what you’re used to. Life as I said is funny and the things that you can’t control, I believe happen for a reason. Whether it makes you re-evaluate, brings you closer to your family and friends or introduces you to new people that enhance your life.

Just because it’s not working out how you thought it would, it doesn’t mean something wonderful won’t happen.


Home Sweet Home

Door Decor

Take one chalk board (a heart shaped one is optional) chalk out a message, quote or greeting, hammer a nail in a front door and you have door decor.