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The Gym

I’m aiming to get addicted to the gym. I figure it’s a good addiction to have right? I’ve been making the effort to go at least five times a week and so far so good.

Not only can I feel my body getting stronger (stronger genuinely is better than skinny), my abs are threatening to reveal themselves too which is rather nice of them. It’s also helped keep me focused and in a positive frame of mind. It’s no lie that regularly going to the gym is good for your mental health. I sometimes wake up and feel completely crap, 10 minutes into a gym session and I forget about feeling crap, I am more focused on my fitness goals.

So many of my friends have recently started posting about their own fitness goals, detoxes and runs they have been on and it’s encouraging to see. The summer days ahead and getting in a pair of shorts continues to be my motivation! Whatever yours is just go for it and remember to have a balanced approach to fitness. Eat well, work out hard and give your body enough time to recover.

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The Skinny

A favourite quote

I was walking around Galway last year and came across this quote beaming out from the window of a youth centre. You know how I love quotes and this is a favourite.

Happy Monday everyone.


The Skinny

Happy New Year

It’s here, the time of the year to look back and reflect and look ahead to a new year of exciting times, new memories and new starts. Whatever 2015 brings remember you are in control and you have the ability and power to make this new year your best ever.

Get up, make the changes in your life that you want to make and stay motivated to live the life you have always wanted.