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It’s the weekend

Life is busy, hectic and on times it can be pretty stressful. Take time out to relax, unwind and recharge. Here’s three ways you can start the process right now!

Music makes you happy

Music is proved to help people relax, unwind and combat depression and insomnia. Stick some of your favourite music on and feel your body and your mind start to feel better.

Head outside 

There is nothing better than getting outside and breathing in some fresh air.


Over the weekend try and disconnect from your phone. Getting away from gadgets and work-related messages will do you the world of good. Saturday and Sunday morning needs to be about waking up slowly and enjoying your breakfast, doing some yoga and relaxing – do not grab that phone!


Lone Ranger
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Cocktail Anyone?

Tough week? Yeah me too. This delicious cocktail will give you that Friday feeling in an instant.

The Lone Ranger

What you’ll need:

  • 1.5 oz tequila
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • 0.5 oz rich simple syrup (two parts sugar, one part water)
  • 2 oz Brut rosé sparkling wine

How to make it:

Pop the tequila, lemon juice and simple syrup in a shaker. Fill with ice and shake. Open the shaker and add the sparkling wine, then strain into a glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a lemon twist, kick back and relax.

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The Skinny

Five Things Everyone Should Do Every Weekend

It’s the weekend which means two days off doing whatever you like.

Whatever you have planned here are five things that you should be doing every weekend.

1. Get some fresh air. Walk the dog, go and grab a coffee and walk around the park, head for the hills on a hike. Just get some fresh air at some point over the weekend.

2. Plan out your week ahead. Whether you work at home for yourself or for a company it’s still important to plan out your week. Make plans within your week to catch up with friends, for the gym and for yourself (grab a bath and just chill with your favourite magazine).

3. It’s official that Sunday blues stink. Kick them into touch and do something fun on a Sunday night. Get together with friends in the local, is there a pub quiz on you could all do? Head to the cinema, find out if there are any bands playing near where you live. Do something fun and you’ll forget all about those silly Sunday blues.

4. Make the most of weekend mornings. Yes there is the temptation to sleep in (if you can and you don’t have kids jumping all over you at 7am) but if you lie in until 10 or 11am you will have wasted the best bit of the weekend. You will extend your weekend if you get up and head out for say 9.30am. Go to your local coffee shop for a nice coffee and pastry and read the papers. You will feel better the earlier you get up and out.

5. Cut down on booze. Yes I know that might sound boring but you know I am right. If you spend the whole weekend drinking you know how fuzzy your head feels come Sunday night and Monday morning. Try and stick to just one night of drinking over the weekend. I promise you will feel so much better for it.

Happy weekend everyone!


Travel Essentials

It may be Monday but I know you’re all thinking about the weekend already. If you’re heading away this coming weekend here is my selection of essential things you need to pack. These products are perfect if you are restricted by airlines liquid rules or packing everything into your car.

Travel Essential


1. Eos lip balm in pomegranate Raspberry. The best balm in town, it’s hydrating and perfect for hot summer days.

2. Venus Snap with embrace razor. This is my star product, it may be small but it’s pretty mighty and is a must pack item for any trip away. It has 5 curve-hugging blades and ensures you have stubble free legs, so in my eyes its pretty essential.

3. Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration face lotion. The best sun cream for your pretty face. It’s non-greasy, ensures you don’t get frazzled in the sun and it’s super smooth.

4. Batiste dry shampoo. This needs no explanation, pack it, use it, have great hair!

5. Aveeno positively nourishing calming body lotion. I have tested this out recently and it’s fantastic. Super hydrating and it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

6. L’oreal magic skin beautifier BB cream. Light enough to cover blemishes and ideal for the summer.

7. Sephora nail buffer block. My nails always seem to need attention when I am away. Pack this puppy and you can file, buff and smooth all in one go.

8. Maybelline lash sensational black pearl mascara. I must have tested a few hundred mascaras in my time (slight exaggeration) and this one is a favourite. It does what it says on the tube giving you fluttery beautiful lashes.

9. Paul Smith roses eau de parfum. This is my favourite scent. It always gets comments and it’s super refreshing and sweet.

Guest bedroom
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Be My Guest

With a summer full of long weekends ahead your guest bedroom may be busier than normal. Make your guests feel welcome with these cute and simple guest bedroom ideas.

1. Add flowers

Pop a jug of fresh flowers in the room for a sweet floral smell. Fresh flowers always look pretty good too. My favourite are white roses, sunflowers or peonies.

flowers by bed2. Fresh towels

Pop your guest towels in the tumble for a plush and soft feel. Roll them up and place on the bed or fold over a rail or ladder (as seen in the pic below)

Towel Ladder

3. Reflection

Make sure there is a mirror in the guest bedroom, it could be a cluster of small ones or a larger freestanding mirror. Every guest needs a mirror.

Mirrors4. Necessities

A really cute idea is to have a draw full of essentials, the things you tend to forget when you go away for the weekend.


5. Take a seat

If you have the space and a spare chair, pop it in the guest bedroom. A chair like this from Delcor below not only looks really good, it’s useful to either sit on or pop your clothes on (everyone puts their clothes on a chair!)

Petite Chair in Swaffer Coppice Willow Stripe (RS)

6. Layers

Depending on the time of the year your guest might want some extra layers on the bed. During the summer months it might not be necessary to have a huge thick duvet. Providing different bedding options is always a really nice idea. If it’s a hot summer night a thin sheet would probably suffice.

7. Lights

If you have a bedside table pop a light on there to save your guest having to get out of bed to switch the light on and off. If you don’t have a table use the windowsill or a stack of books by the side of the bed.table8. Sweet scents 

Scented candles are great for adding a gorgeous scent, they also create a warm and cosy feel to a guest bedroom. Jo Malone, The White Company and Jelly Bean all have great options.Candle

9. Tick tock

Add an alarm clock to the bedside table so your guest knows what time it is. Try not to get a clock with an loud tick and tock – there is nothing worse!

10. Have a read

Leave a stack of books or magazines, everyone loves a good read!


Food & Drink

Pimm’s o’clock Darling

Pimm’s is one of my favourite drinks of the summer. My sister makes a wicked jug of it and it always reminds me of warm sunny days spent in the garden. As the weekend approaches and because it’s never too early to indulge in a refreshing cocktail I thought I would share this really cool guide to making a pretty tasty Pimm’s.

c0c837e6c1af9ac5881e2c11566fac31Always remember to drink responsibly.